One Insane Activity to make Miracles Happen in your Life

The day is still fresh in my memory when I was still gathering the tiny pieces of my shattered relationship. My finances went for a toss. I hated my job and the overall life situation was totally uncertain and the future seemed to be in pure dark.

I am not sharing it for the first time. The details of my struggling life have already been written in the pages of my first book “Road to Riches of Life.”

An Insane Activity that can make Miracles Happen in your Life 

Today, what I am going to let you into is a little secret that was the beginning of a new dawn for me. If I trace back in time, all good luck started with a miraculous activity that I am going to share with you in the next moment. This insanely powerful activity would help you get out of your “Struggling Zone” in just 72 Hours. I know that’s a big statement. How am I so sure? Because only after I tried this one, many doors to unexpected opportunities began to open and get me to experience real great times.

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3 Essentials to Start your Day with a Bang

Are you still on with your intentions that you’d set for 2018 in form of your Resolutions and Goals? I believe you are. Because sticking to your goals will take you further into your meaningful and enriching journey not just this year, but every year for the rest of your life. You just have to stay inspired and glued to your action plans and strategies.

As I promised, every blog post of this “Own the Year 2018” series is going to empower you to ACHIEVE your Goals faster and create a glorious life space for you.

Today’s blog post is going to help you set up the right positive tone for the day so you stay determined to take one more effective step to enjoy the life you’ve dreamed of.

Everyone has highs and lows. The best thing is that every day comes with new hopes. And the rising sun communicates this to us. Let’s listen to this call intensely and make the best of this mystical part of the day – the mornings.

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3 Ideas to Spark your Chances in 2018

One week into the heart of 2018. You have done your YEAR END AUDIT, created your Passionate List of what you’re going to ACHIEVE, CHANGE & DEVELOP in this super amazing year and you’re all EXCITED, FIRED UP and all set to MAKE IT HAPPEN. As I promised, I will be there with you on this roller coaster ride as a Friend plus a Mentor to share this journey into this year and help you make the best of all the OPPORTUNITIES and CHALLENGES you come across.

If you’re like me, you still are feeling the cheerful festive energy that we were drowning into just about a week ago. You’re feeling supremely energized and all inspired to take action & keep up with your thrilling plans. You’re all charged up to capitalize on New Hopes and Fresh Opportunities.

I am certain that you’re going to blast it. My belief in you is rock solid. I want you to have the same amount of faith in your abilities and the universe to make your desires and dreams come true.

The first thing that you need to do is to put up a system to keep this fire burning and excite you continually to realize what you have set your mind to.

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New Year Resolutions Time !!!

Guys, I am super charged and just can’t wait to step into the New Year having my list of New Year Resolutions all ready. This time of the year gives me a lot of perspective. It’s truly a fun time of the year with so much positive energy and tons of fun. I feel a lot better prepared than ever having grasped loads of good lessons to be used in the coming times.

Do you feel the same? I think you do. This ecstatic festive energy & full blown holiday mood is just contagious. No one can possibly stay unaffected. Right?

Well. I will have to put a stop to my over flowing feelings now, else I would fill pages after pages in praise of my favorite section of the year.

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How to Own the Year 2018

Finally!  We are in the last month of this year. I look at it like this. Every year symbolizes a new Chapter of our life. If you are going to live to the age of 70 years, with each year lived, one more chapter is read.

I am in crazy love with this cold and closing month of the year for the reason we all find ourselves drowning into plenty of self motivation over making resolutions and new plans. We get consciousness and spend varying degrees of time doing some self-introspection. What went right….and  not so right. We usually take inventory of the events that happened along the way. And then, figure out and resolve to make a few changes in the coming year. Fun… Food…Parties….Celebrations…. and Brand new decisions to live better. Isn’t that exciting?


Here’s my #1 Resolution to Own the Year 2018. What’s Yours?

My #1 2018 Resolution is to provide HUGE VALUE to my PHENOMENAL READERS. And I would do this by being with you right from the First Step of “Year 2017 Analysis”, then moving ahead into 2018 with setting new Goals & New Year Resolutions and Finally help you ACHIEVE them by the end of 2018. 

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How is Self-Efficacy Affecting your Life?

“Not been able to stick to my new diet plan despite being so keen to lose those extra 10 pounds”

“Made a clear strategy to earn Extra Income to fund my “Dream House Project” but couldn’t stick to the Action Plan beyond 2 weeks.”

“Getting up an hour early seems just impossible”

“Procrastinating on important tasks….I wish I could unlearn this behavior.”

Can you relate?

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Get Rid of All Your Miseries

My work keeps me in close contact with people who often have one common question to ask – “Why is life a struggle for me?” My usual answer is actually a question “what makes you think that life is a struggle to you?” And then starts a sequence of heartburns on “How life is conspiring against them”.

Mostly, “Life” means the “people” or the “awkward and embarrassing situations created by those around”. 

The truth is that every one of us, at some level and at a certain point in time has to deal with the ugly scars left on our hearts by different people and varying situations.

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One Simple SOLUTION to All your PROBLEMS

We have a lot to do each day; taking care of family, keeping up with friends, looking after health, excelling at work; planning to increase our resources to live better and dealing with everyday pressure eat up our principal hours of the day. We try to make every aspect of our waking life “sorted”, exerting ourselves to rest calm, peaceful and happy with partial or no success.

But, do you ever notice, the harder we try, the less the impact is. Post many years observing situations supporting this fact, I am compelled to believe that in the effort of trying more, doing gets the minimal results. In the process of rushing through to gain much, we’re only left with so less fulfillment and increased craving for more. Enjoying time and life seems like a talk of the past..

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My 3 Major Takeaways from the World Famous Book “The Secret”

Books change lives. I can say that with 200% surety because I have been the affected fortunate. My Kindle and Bookshelf are loaded with FABULOUS books. I will mention the books and resources in this Blog Post series, that have been a Game Changer for me. The GIANT influencer in my reading list is the Awe-Inspiring resource “The Secret” by Rhonda Byrne. It took a permanent place at my  bedside for years. 

In this blog post, I will share my THREE MAJOR LESSONS from this wonderful work.

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