How is Self-Efficacy Affecting your Life?

“Not been able to stick to my new diet plan despite being so keen to lose those extra 10 pounds”

“Made a clear strategy to earn Extra Income to fund my “Dream House Project” but couldn’t stick to the Action Plan beyond 2 weeks.”

“Getting up an hour early seems just impossible”

“Procrastinating on important tasks….I wish I could unlearn this behavior.”

Can you relate?

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Get Rid of All Your Miseries

My work keeps me in close contact with people who often have one common question to ask – “Why is life a struggle for me?” My usual answer is actually a question “what makes you think that life is a struggle to you?” And then starts a sequence of heartburns on “How life is conspiring against them”.

Mostly, “Life” means the “people” or the “awkward and embarrassing situations created by those around”. 

The truth is that every one of us, at some level and at a certain point in time has to deal with the ugly scars left on our hearts by different people and varying situations.

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One Simple SOLUTION to All your PROBLEMS

We have a lot to do each day; taking care of family, keeping up with friends, looking after health, excelling at work; planning to increase our resources to live better and dealing with everyday pressure eat up our principal hours of the day. We try to make every aspect of our waking life “sorted”, exerting ourselves to rest calm, peaceful and happy with partial or no success.

But, do you ever notice, the harder we try, the less the impact is. Post many years observing situations supporting this fact, I am compelled to believe that in the effort of trying more, doing gets the minimal results. In the process of rushing through to gain much, we’re only left with so less fulfillment and increased craving for more. Enjoying time and life seems like a talk of the past..

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My 3 Major Takeaways from the World Famous Book “The Secret”

Books change lives. I can say that with 200% surety because I have been the affected fortunate. My Kindle and Bookshelf are loaded with FABULOUS books. I will mention the books and resources in this Blog Post series, that have been a Game Changer for me. The GIANT influencer in my reading list is the Awe-Inspiring resource “The Secret” by Rhonda Byrne. It took a permanent place at my  bedside for years. 

In this blog post, I will share my THREE MAJOR LESSONS from this wonderful work.

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A Personal Invite

A Personal Invite into my Learning Journey

Last week, I was on a short vacation. There were plenty of things to finish on my agenda before the day I had a flight. I began to feel alarmed. I was stressed out about where to start and how to finish. That momentary strain was getting higher and higher with every passing moment while I thought and dwell over it. It was extremely important to distract myself and find that much needed inspiration or else that negativity would have gotten worse enough to spoil my holiday mood.

I put everything aside, picked up my phone and tuned into an awe-inspiring and powerful video by Zig Ziglar. And you know what, I got what I needed to organize my schedule and pursue my tasks. You may watch it here – Continue reading A Personal Invite

This Trick can make you UNSTOPPABLE

What is coming between you and your dreams? What is stopping you from going ahead on the way to your destiny? Lack of ACTION, correction… RIGHT and DESIRED ACTION I believe. When you board a flight to Bangkok, you DO NOT reach New York. You land at Bangkok. Don’t you? Life constantly gives us choices and we keep on choosing among those based on so many factors. Most of these factors are our immediate state of mind, emotions and priorities.

Similarly, if you repeatedly think about what you don’t want to invite into your life, you will essentially get what you are thinking about all day long or something similar on that frequency even though you don’t want it.

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Is your Self-Talk making you a better Communicator?

What we say is often much beyond what we know or want to express. Our communication system is not just about acquiring some great language skills and consistently practicing those to be able to sound impressive, convincing, polite yet assertive and a few more adjectives. This involves a big picture.


Do you notice that our talk to the external world is conditioned by our inner dialogues? What I actually mean by inner dialogues is the thoughts, ideas and beliefs that we play in our head all the time. These thoughts, ideas and beliefs largely tend to be negative for many of us.

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What we are determines how we communicate

“What we are” determines how do we communicate around. It’s not the other way round. How we communicate with ourselves and others is not different from who we really are. It’s much about our overall attitude, emotions & the way we see the world than mere techniques that we learn in various training programs. It is based on the way our self esteem is conditioned, the values we have nurtured, the self confidence we have developed, the trust we have in others and ourselves and the extent we respect those around us. Our own well being and understanding of ourselves and others make us a better communicator. Right?

People will remain people – Always getting swayed by their emotions

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5 Powerful Ways to Build Confidence


My last few blog posts have been about the seriousness of self-confidence and self-esteem on the path of improving communication skills. Please read here if you have missed those. This one is the next in series.

Our confidence is directly connected to the way we see ourselves. Our own self image determines our self confidence to a significant extent. How we see ourselves is greatly conditioned by the outside forces during the years we were growing up and even after that.

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