Road To Riches Of Life

All of us often dream of a life where all good things fall into our life effortlessly, we get all the opportunities at work and move far ahead in our careers, have the freedom and time to pursue our passions, enjoying each moment in life, be spiritual and yet have a healthy relationship with money, consistently live fantastically passionate and blissful relationships and remain always in the pink of health. If you are one of those who want to make this a reality, this book is just for you.

You can possibly achieve all good in life if you are in the best of your mental state, if you are comfortable with yourself and your surroundings, if you are at peace with yourself and the others. You can learn skills better if you are in a relaxed mode. You can handle people well if you are in a healthy state of mind. You can reach your maximum potential if you are in harmony with everything around. You can go much more ahead from where you currently are, if you don’t hold negative energies anymore. Flowing into an ocean of positivity can win many battles for you just automatically. Because being comfortable with yourself and your surroundings is the first step to making progress in all walks of life.

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Design A Career You Love

This book is a medium where I have chosen to share my experience, thoughts and opinions on moving ahead with the Career Switch. In 5 major steps, you shall learn and understand the crucial tasks involved in the process.

This book will even help those who may not be looking for any change in job yet are unsatisfied with the way they are performing, as well as those who are in search of fulfillment in their current work and who are discovering ways to find enough motivation and methods to be successful in their existing scenario.

Using the ideas and strategies that are in this book can get you going on the life path where you will enjoy each moment of your professional life. Your everyday routine will not be a burden anymore—not just one more day to get through—but an opportunity to enjoy each moment.

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7 Powerful Ways to Solve your Problems

Would you like to accept a challenge to find a single individual on this planet who doesn’t have to deal with problems on a regular basis. Sounds weird? Untrue? In my life time, I haven’t met anyone who avoids problems, although I have come across many who are great at solving problems when they arise.

Problems do exist, and not always in reality—but in our minds. They can be as small and ordinary as what to wear for the party tonight or as complex as getting out of a painful marriage. They can be as usual as having a disrupted water supply at your home or as abnormal as surviving a train or car crash.  All of us face a variety of problems every day. Most of the time we use our own instinct to solve them, while other times we have someone’s assistance.

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How to be a People Person: Build Sound Relationships with Awesome Conversations

I’ve noticed that people with good communication skills are able to have great conversations, and have plenty of friends and admirers. That was the reality check on my inability to have engaging conversations. It was essentially the starting point in developing this most essential skill: communication.

I have grown up with a strong and deep desire to have great speaking powers. People, who have known me for a long time, certainly know what I am talking about. I will share the things I’ve gone through to get the communication and conversation skills that I proudly possess today.

To be honest, I learnt this skill hard way. My journey from being a poor communicator to a public speaker took many years. My experiences, shown in this book, will ease the strain of your journey to becoming a great communicator.

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people person – Hina Siddiqui